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Monday, 28 October 2013

Drndark, Your Right!!

Creative Content

Creative content and identity, go hand in hand, your content is or should be as distinctive as your finger prints and more secure than your Passport. In the Professional entertainment media world, many producers and promotion, company's/ Labels  will fight and even kill to acquire content that's both unique and appear mass market of consumers and or views alike. 
This is wrong and the general public must compily with the wishes of the creator / composer / director etc. Facebook, stole my offical.fm page to my music by blocking me from accessing in.
I currently don't have a facebook account, (And never will!!!)
This was witnessed by 1.25k google + follows and they did it by hacking into it threw my twitter logging.
This was so the tumblr could illegally sold my music, but the official.fm account was ownly made to advertise the platform, and was never ment to be sold to the genral public...
Youtube is my chosen platform because i am a video disc jockey and not the standard run of the mill turntablist.
In short if you don't like it, then don't buy it, follow it, view it, and most of all use it.

This is a prime case example of creative content copy infrigment:


Below is a list of the current laws




Paul Summer (Android Dark).....

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